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Triana Iglesias wearing Bikine Bottom BlackModel / Actress / Artist

I've had a long love affair with Lingerie.

Not only lingerie, but everything that is feminine.

I see beauty everywhere and especially in the female body and it's shapes.

I started Working in television when I was 14, and modeling by the time I was 15. By The age of 23 I was mainly doing lingerie shoots. At the same time as my television career was starting to blow up, I was shooting covers all over the world for magazines like Playboy, Esquired, FHM and MAN.

 There was one thing I always kept missing, doing shoot after shoot in underwear.

I missed lingerie and swimwear that had a more compassionate And feminine approach.

Lingerie that felt comfortable and had a nice fit. Why did I have to choose gorgeous or comfortable?

-I wanted both!

This is how my passion to start my own lingerie brand started.

I really believe that one of the ways to show of your femininity and feel good about yourself in private - is by wearing beautiful lingerie that feels good on and makes you feel gorgeous and comfortable?

Fabrics that hug your body.



Because FEELING feminine and good about yourself is where it all begins. True beauty is Beneath your layers, and a beautiful heart over-shines it all.

So, Let this lingerie awaken your beauty within. Feel like the goddess you are and wear it with confidence.


All Love


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